Where is hot in June?

The weather in June varies greatly across the globe. For UK holidaymakers, it tends to mark the start of seriously warm and sunny conditions closer to home in Europe.

June is also a great time to get away, beating school holiday crowds and the real heat seekers who hit the beaches during July and August.

Looking to spend June in the UK? Check out our handpicked list of places to visit in the UK for the best weather in June.

Hottest places to go in June

Below are average maximum temperatures at popular countries and places in June. Select a holiday destination to see more weather parameters.

June weather: where's hot?

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June weather by world areas

Places with the best weather in June

To help you make the right decision about where to go based on the weather in June, we've created this comprehensive guide to conditions, considering everything from Europe's welcome high pressure and ensuring long, sunny days, to the wet season of the Northern Hemisphere tropics, and dry winter season of the Southern Hemisphere tropics.

Find out more about just some of the short to long haul destinations that shine during June:

Weather in June - Algarve, Portugal
Weather in June - Algarve, Portugal © Jerome Bon - Flickr CC BY 2.0

Short haul: Greece, Turkey & the Algarve

Close to home, the weather in popular holiday spots such as Majorca, the Costa del Sol and the Algarve, is cooler than you might expect.

There's about 10 to 11 hours of sunshine, daytime temperatures peak around the mid-twenties, which is just warm enough for a beach holiday.

The sea is usually slightly warmer in Majorca than Marbella but still a cool 20 to 21°C, while the Algarve is always that bit colder thanks to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean.

Butterfly Valley, Fethiye, Turkey
Butterfly Valley, Fethiye, Turkey - courtesy of Mugla Culture and Tourism

It's a different story in the eastern Med, however, where it's considerably warmer and sunnier. Here you'll find some of the best weather in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

Temperatures reach the low thirties and you're unlikely to spot a cloud in the sky, while on average, there's an impressive 13 hours of sunshine a day in places such as Marmaris.

Sea temperatures are warmest in Cyprus and Antalya at 24°C, while Bodrum and Marmaris are a degree or two cooler, and the Greek Aegean islands cooler still.

Naama Bay, Sharm el Sheikh
Naama Bay, Sharm el Sheikh © Cosimo Padula - Flickr CC BY 2.0

If you're after truly hot beach weather without the long-haul flight, head to likes of Hurghada on Egypt's Red Sea coast.

Here, temperatures regularly hit the mid-thirties, sometimes higher, and you can expect 13 hours of bright sunshine a day, while the sea is a pleasant 26°C.

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Long haul - up to 10 hours: Florida & the Bahamas

The good news for UK holidaymakers seeking destinations with the best weather in June, is that it's actually rather difficult to find long haul options that compare favourably with European destinations, at least in terms of sunshine.

Days in Europe are much longer and sunnier than in many places further south and east towards the equator. In the tropics, for example, it's usually less sunny than Europe with very high heat and humidity, although you would find warmer sea temperatures.

Places like Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and the Maldives fall into this category.

Meanwhile, India sees the arrival of its summer monsoon, bringing very cloudy conditions with lots of rain. You can see why the weather in June at these much-loved destinations is not ideal for those on the hunt for a sunny break.

Florida airboat
Florida airboat - courtesy of www.visitflorida.com

Looking west to Florida, it's different again, as the weather is actually very good. Even though it's technically the wet season, there's still as much as 10 hours of sunshine a day in some places.

Daytime temperatures often rise above 30°C in or around the Gulf of Mexico, but heat and humidity is also very high. You'll find cooler temperatures along Florida's Atlantic coast, including Miami, due to its prevailing east wind from the sea, and lower levels of heat and humidity.

Alternatively, head 200 miles southeast to the Bahamas. It's a little cooler than Florida, and not as hot as Caribbean favourites such as Barbados and St Lucia.

Temperatures reach 30°C in Nassau and, while heat and humidity is high, it remains lower than Florida. The sea is a delightfully warm 28°C, perfect for a dip.

Hope Town Beach, Bahamas
Hope Town Beach, Bahamas © Dean Krafft - Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0

It's important to note that both Florida and the Bahamas could be affected by tropical storms during this time, but the risk is low. Try our interactive tropical storm risk calculator to find out more.

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Long haul - 10 hours or more: Bali & Zanzibar

Turning south towards destinations below the equator such as northern Australia and the southern islands of Indonesia, June marks the middle of winter, which brings dry conditions and lots of sunshine.

Rice terraces in Tegalalang, Bali
Rice terraces in Tegalalang, Bali © asab974 - Fotolia.com

A good example is beautiful Bali, which is only a hop from the equator ensuring that temperatures are never what you'd call cold.

It's less humid in June than at other times of the year, such as from November to March, and you can expect nine hours of sunshine a day with temperatures in the thirties.

Finally, another fantastic long haul destination is the east African island of Zanzibar. This paradisical gem sits 30 miles off the coast of Tanzania and just over an hour's flight from Nairobi.

Sunset in Zanzibar
Sunset in Zanzibar © Iriano Dinelli - Wikimedia CC BY-SA 3.0

The weather in June in Zanzibar is very similar to that of Bali, with daytime temperatures averaging 30°C, although there is high heat and humidity. You can look forward to eight hours of sunshine a day and balmy sea temperatures at around 27°C.

Overall, the weather in June sees high pressure over the Med combine with the longest days of the year to guarantee lots of sunshine and little chance of rain-spoiled holidays in Europe.

Northern hemisphere tropics are hot and sunny, with cloud and rain at times, and high humidity, while southern hemisphere tropics are into their winter dry season with lots of sunshine and cooler temperatures when compared with their summer conditions.

Ultimately, you have the option to stay a little closer to home for hot and sunny weather by June but it boils down to what exactly you want from your holiday, be it a beach break, city tour or more active adventure.

If you'd like to read more, visit our where to go on holiday in June section, and don't miss our collection of travel deals and discounts if you're feeling inspired to get booking your break to a destination with the best weather in June.

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