April weather: where's hot?

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Plan your perfect holiday in April with help from our collection of over 4,000 weather guides. Search by destination, resort, city or country to find weather averages for April including temperature, sunshine and rainfall figures.

Where is hot in April for 2025/2026?

Below are average maximum temperatures at popular holiday destinations in April. Select a destination to see more weather parameters.

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Places with the best weather in April

Thanks largely to the Easter break and lower pre-summer prices, the idea of holidaying in April is growing in popularity with families, couples and groups. Read on to find out more about short and long haul destinations with the best holiday weather in April.

Weather in April in the Mediterranean
Weather in April in the Mediterranean © Marta P. (Milacroft) - Fotolia.com

Short haul: Canary Islands, Turkey & Morocco

By April, the weather is starting to improve across Europe with more sunshine as the green shoots of spring begin to appear. The days also feel longer thanks to daylight savings, which normally kicks in at the end of March.

The eastern Mediterranean usually has more sunshine in April than anywhere in the west, so if that's what you're after then Turkey, Cyprus, and eastern Greece are the holiday destinations for you.

Bodrum, Marmaris, Paphos and Rhodes all have nine hours a day on average in April, while daytime temperatures climb into the low twenties.

Springtime on the Turkish Riviera
Springtime on the Turkish Riviera © albinoni - Fotolia.com

Benidorm and the Costa del Sol are usually as warm but with an hour or two less sunshine, although April is still a very pleasant time in these destinations.

As is the Algarve in Portugal, Majorca, Malta and Tunisia. In April, the weather in these places is comparable, in terms of temperature, with the south of England in June, but with more sunshine.

Then there's Morocco, where the weather is beautiful in April. In most places, you'll be greeted with nine hours of sunshine a day and daytime temperatures in the mid-twenties.

The mountains are also beautiful at this time of year, green from the winter rains and dotted with carpets of wildflowers - this is arguably the best month of the year to go walking in the Atlas Mountains.

Atlas Mountains in Morocco in April
Atlas Mountains in Morocco in April © Olivier Poncelet - Fotolia.com

The weather in the Canary Islands is, however, not quite as warm or sunny as its eastern neighbour Morocco. Daytime highs range from 20°C in Lanzarote to 23°C in Gran Canaria - that bit cooler than Morocco thanks to the surrounding Atlantic - and there's normally around eight hours of sunshine each day.

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Long haul - up to 10 hours: Dubai, Caribbean & Florida

Dubai stands out in April for its abundance of sunshine and moderate temperatures, reaching a little over 30°C most days, compared with the dizzy heights they reach in the months that follow.

If you're thinking about a beach holiday, the sea is also warm enough for swimming at 25°C, and you can reckon on 10 hours of sunshine a day.

Despite the approach of warmer, more humid summer conditions, the Caribbean is still excellent after the peak of the winter sun holiday season.

The sea has started to warm to around 27°C and, though there may be the odd shower, you can expect eight to nine hours of sunshine a day at destinations such as Barbados, Cancun and Antigua, and daytime temperatures nudging into the low thirties at times.

The east coast of Barbados
The east coast of Barbados © Holger Wulschlaeger - Shutterstock.com

Florida also enjoys lovely weather in April. Miami normally has 10 hours of sunshine a day with daytime temperatures rising to the high twenties.

April is one of the driest times of the year in Miami so you may not even see a drop of rain. Orlando is as warm during the day but cooler at night and just a touch less sunny - importantly, neither destination is uncomfortably hot.

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Long haul - 10 hours or more: Seychelles, Mauritius & California

South of the equator, the weather in the Indian Ocean is especially good in April, as monsoon winds drop while shifting from northwest to southeast, producing a lull in the weather.

In fact, April is one of the best times to visit the idyllic islands of the Seychelles, where daytime temperatures are hot, reaching 30°C and there are usually eight hours of sunshine a day.

Although rain falls most days in April, it provides a refreshing respite and the clouds quickly pass.

The Seychelles in April
The Seychelles in April © Malbert - Fotolia.com

A thousand miles to the south of the Seychelles, Mauritius - which sits just 20° from the equator - experiences daytime temperatures in the high twenties, seven hours of sunshine and a sea temperature around 27°C, making it the ideal destination for an exotic beach holiday.

California is another popular holiday destination where the weather is usually very sunny and warm enough during the day to be out and about coat-free in April.

In LA, you can expect 10 hours of sunshine and daytime temperatures in the low twenties, though it can become a little chilly at night, so go prepared.

Whether you're after a short spring-time break or a relaxing Easter holiday in the sun, April is a great time to go away to destinations both near and far.

Make sure you check out the latest travel deals and discounts to see if we have a special offer to whisk you and your loved ones somewhere exciting where the weather is truly delightful.

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