Summer holidays in 2022/2023

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Top summer holiday destinations: where to go for the best weather in 2022/2023

Summer. The time of year when we pack our bags, wave farewell to the often dubious British weather and head for a well-earned break with loved ones.

While many want a relaxing all inclusive beach break, others choose to discover new cities, rent a villa in rolling hillsides, go camping, hiking or something different altogether - there's no one-sized-summer-holiday that fits all. The only thing most people agree on, however, is that they want good weather!

Did you know? The northern hemisphere's summer runs from May to October, while the southern hemisphere's summer is between November and April. Our summer holiday finder is based on the northern hemisphere's summer season.

Our bespoke summer holiday finder lets you search for destinations based on your preferred weather, how far you want to travel and what sort of destination you're looking for.

Best summer holiday destinations by month

Summer is neatly defined as the warmest season of the year. While this is, of course, true, it hides a multitude of nuances and fluctuations as the weather varies so much during this time depending on when and where you choose to go for your holiday.

Our pick of the top 10 summer holiday destinations for each month includes places that enjoy great weather and offer plenty to see and do: be it a beloved beach resort, lively, culture-rich city, or tranquil rural landscape.

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Top summer holidays in May 2022/2023

  1. Miami, Florida, USA
  2. Montego Bay, Jamaica
  3. Seville, Spain
  4. Mexico's Caribbean Coast
  5. Cape Verde
  6. Cyprus
  7. Antalya coast, Turkey
  8. Kos, Greece
  9. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain
  10. Malta

May appeals to different people in different ways. For families, there are lots of deals to be had in exciting, child-friendly locations during the half term break. For those without kids, it's a tactical time to get away before the school holidays, beating the crowds and taking advantage of the many offers available at the start of the season.

Whichever camp you're in, you can rest assured there's plenty of choice when it comes to deciding where to go for your early summer holiday that promises delightful weather.

Our pick of the top 10 summer holiday destinations for May includes a delicious selection of places that tick so many boxes. Take Miami: it's sitting pretty in spot number one not only for its hot and sunny weather but its variety of things to do.

Be it splashing about in the warm sea water, checking out the street art in the uber-cool Wynwood district, visiting intriguing museums such as HistoryMiami, or dining on some of the most exciting cuisine in the USA (go to Little Havana for a flavour fest!), it's a full-on urban seaside retreat.

May is the ideal month to explore Seville in Spain © Nikokvfrmoto -
May is the ideal month to explore Seville in Spain © Nikokvfrmoto -

Stunning Seville in Andalucia, southern Spain, is another city that offers lashings of sunshine and warm temperatures. Throw in the historic architecture, museums, and renowned tapas, and you've a real hit on your hands. Crucially, May is the ideal time to go before it gets too hot and too busy.

If it's one seriously hot beach break you're looking for in May, Mexico's Caribbean coast is the place to be. There's so much sunshine and average highs in the low thirties, not to mention delightfully warm water for swimming or water sports. Head to the likes of Tulum, Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Cozumel along this sandy stretch of the Yucatan.

Closer to home, the eastern Mediterranean is where you want to look for a warm and sunny beach break this early in the summer season. Turkey's Antalya coast, Greece's Kos and Cyprus all guarantee similarly pleasant conditions with lots of sunshine.

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Top summer holidays in June 2022/2023

  1. Antalya coast, Turkey
  2. Cyprus
  3. Tunisia
  4. Orlando, USA
  5. Rhodes, Greece
  6. Evora, Portugal
  7. Sicily, Italy
  8. Malta
  9. Benidorm, Spain
  10. Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Sandwiched between the half term and summer breaks, June is another popular month for going away with those looking to avoid the busier peak season ahead. The good news is that the weather is really starting to warm up in destinations across Europe and the Med although it's not yet too hot for most.

In fact, Antalya in Turkey is arguably at its finest in June, along with other eastern-Mediterranean lying destinations such as Cyprus and Rhodes in Greece, which sees a whopping 13 hours of sunshine each day, although the water is a touch warmer for swimming in Cyprus and Turkey.

Sicily has a fascinating history, beautiful beaches and unrivalled cuisine © Guy Huntley - Flickr Creative Commons
Sicily has a fascinating history, beautiful beaches and unrivalled cuisine © Guy Huntley - Flickr Creative Commons

Sticking with the Med, Sicily, with its fascinating history, beautiful beaches and unrivalled cuisine, is another tempting option with plenty of sunshine, much like nearby Malta and the eastern coast of Tunisia.

Theme park capital Orlando features for its high temperatures, things are undoubtedly hot (and quite humid) in June. If you're chasing the sun somewhere that has plenty to keep all ages entertained, then this city in the heart of the Sunshine State is for you - just book yourself accommodation with a pool!

Meanwhile, for a destination with a difference and exceptional weather, try the ancient city of Evora in the Alentejo region of Portugal.

Visit Roman ruins, explore pretty winding streets, pop into the eerie Chapel of Bones, and soak up the hot conditions. Evora also makes a wonderful base for visiting the region's scenic towns and increasingly popular vineyards.

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Top summer holidays in July 2022/2023

  1. Corfu, Greece
  2. Costa Blanca, Spain
  3. Costa del Sol, Spain
  4. Bali, Indonesia
  5. California, USA
  6. Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain
  7. Italian Lakes, Italy
  8. Croatia
  9. French Riviera, France
  10. Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

July is the quintessential summer month, when thousands of couples, families and groups flock to Europe, the Med and further afield for some much needed sun-drenched R&R.

A quick glance at our top 10 for July reveals why Spain is so enduringly popular - put simply, destinations across the country - including the Canaries and Balearics - enjoy some of the very best weather going at this time. We're talking long, hot, sunny days and warm evenings - the perfect combination for a summer holiday!

Both the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol (no misnomer) are hot, hot, hot in July, not to mention well equipped with resorts for every budget. In particular, the Costa Blanca (and the Balearics) benefits from warm sea temperatures - the best in Spain at this time.

For a taste of island life, the White Isle and Gran Canaria are hard to beat; go to Ibiza for the pine-clad, orchard covered interior and lively beach resorts, and Gran Canaria for slightly fresher conditions - think sea and air temperatures - but equally good facilities and captivating landscape.

Visit Corfu in July for the best weather © Lukas Zimilena -
Visit Corfu in July for the best weather © Lukas Zimilena -

The eternally popular Greek island of Corfu puts its best foot forward in July, which is why it takes top spot. With 12 hours of sunshine each day, high temperatures and stunning scenery with something for everyone, it's a seasonal go-to for summer-holidayers.

Did you know? Although summers are hot and dry in Corfu, statistically speaking, it is the wettest of the Greek islands. In fact, this beloved destination experiences more than double the rainfall of southern England in a typical year. The result? Beautifully verdant countryside that sets it apart from other places in Greece.

If you're looking beyond the Med, there are two stand-out destinations that both offer long, sunny days without things being too oppressively hot. For exotic beach babes, there's Bali, while slick city breakers with an eye on museums, shopping, and outdoor pursuits should head to Los Angeles for a summer holiday to remember in July.

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Top summer holidays in August 2022/2023

  1. Bali, Indonesia
  2. Costa del Sol, Spain
  3. Algarve, Portugal
  4. Halkidiki, Greece
  5. Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
  6. Croatia
  7. Austrian Tyrol
  8. Brittany, France
  9. Costa Brava, Spain
  10. Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

August fits the summer bill in much the same way as July. Many destinations reach peak temperature at this time, and seawater is undoubtedly at its warmest in our top Mediterranean picks, having slowly heated up over the preceding months.

Again, for the same reasons as July, Bali finds itself first in our top 10 for August. Temperatures are hot but not uncomfortably so, as the heat and humidity is manageable, and the wide-open beaches are as tempting as ever.

Typical dry season weather in August in Bali © Vin Crosbie - Flickr Creative Commons
Typical dry season weather in August in Bali © Vin Crosbie - Flickr Creative Commons

As you can see, Iberia and the Spanish isles remain highly desirable in August. The aptly-named Costa del Sol is hot and sunny throughout the month, and when you consider the vast array of facilities and activities available at the various resorts doting this stretch of southern Spain, you can see why it's an easy win for many holidaymakers.

Not everyone wants it hot, however, and if you prefer things more warm and sunny with a refreshing breeze, the Algarve might be more to your liking. Days are still delightful, it's just that temperatures on land and in the sea are influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, which keeps the water a few degrees cooler than in the Med, and the air temperature that little bit fresher.

Croatia makes a worthy appearance in our 10 for its glorious weather and quite simply stunning selection of beaches, attractions, and landscapes. Whether you're after a relaxing break by the pool or want to dive into the country's heritage or tuck into fresh seafood and local wine, Croatia has it all.

The Venetian-like town of Split on the Dalmatian Coast is a wonderful place to start your adventure, and where you'll enjoy plenty of sunshine and high temperatures in August.

France needs no upselling with the Brits. It has long been one of our most reliable and visited summer holiday destinations thanks to its proximity, accessibility, and good weather. The northwest region of Brittany continues to be a big hit thanks to its beaches, medieval towns, and exceptional cider, not to mention thoroughly pleasant conditions in August.

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Top summer holidays in September 2022/2023

  1. Bodrum, Turkey
  2. Rhodes, Greece
  3. Bali, Indonesia
  4. Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain
  5. Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain
  6. Crete, Greece
  7. San Francisco, USA
  8. Tuscany, Italy
  9. Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
  10. Hurghada, Egypt

The arrival of September heralds the beginning of the end for summer. It's also a great time to go on holiday as it is - typically - that bit quieter than July and August in many of the major destinations, there are loads of good value deals to be had, and the weather remains reliably warm and sunny within Europe.

For those of you who avoid those searing hot places in the height of summer, September is an ideal time to visit the likes of Bodrum in Turkey and islands in eastern Greece, such as Rhodes. Don't get us wrong, daytimes still see high temperatures with ample sunshine but the air is a little fresher and evenings cooler.

As for the volcanic Canary Island of Lanzarote, September is the warmest month of the year. Although, with average daily highs coming in under 30°C and low heat and humidity plus ever-present sea breezes, this isn't too hot.

A hot summer's day in Tuscany, Italy © Zsolt Biczó -
A hot summer's day in Tuscany, Italy © Zsolt Biczó -

For a slice of idyllic countryside with a side of Renaissance attractions, Tuscany doesn't disappoint in September. Whether you opt for a cypress tree-lined villa in the rolling hills or a city break delving into the wonders of medieval Florence, you can bank on warm days followed by cooler nights and very little rainfall.

An excellent long-haul urban option in September is San Francisco, whose days promise on average 10 hours of sunshine each day and comfortably warm temperatures to accompany your sightseeing.

If however you're on the hunt for some seriously sultry conditions, then pack your bags for Hurghada on Egypt's Red Sea coast. Here, you'll find hot, sunny days perfect for snorkelling, quad biking, fishing and so much more, not to mention a host of really good value deals on summer holidays.

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Top summer holidays in October 2022/2023

  1. Red Sea, Egypt
  2. Maldives
  3. Florida, USA
  4. Dubai, UAE
  5. Kenyan coast
  6. Cape Verde
  7. Seychelles
  8. Cyprus
  9. Antalya coast, Turkey
  10. Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

October is a funny month weatherwise as it straddles the end of summer and beginning of autumn in Europe. Plenty of places reap the benefits of a long hot summer, such as the eastern Med, yet excitingly it's also a great time to visit some truly exotic destinations that bit further away.

The good news? How far you travel for your late summer break - be it a half term getaway or not - is up to you, as you don't have to fly halfway around the world to find hot, sunny weather but the options are there if you wish to.

For much the same reason as September, Egypt's Red Sea coastal resort of Marsa Alam features in first place because it really is that good, especially given the time of year and proximity to the UK. For a beach break close to home in October, this is where to go as it enjoys loads of sun and temperatures remain high.

October is also the first month since the crazy heat of summer that Dubai enters the frame. Gone are the dangerous highs of peak summertime to be replaced with temperatures in the mid-thirties, balmy sea temperatures and warm evenings.

This is a fabulous option for anyone after some R&R with the option of added extras like theme parks, shopping, award-winning restaurants and so much more.

Did you know? While Dubai is rightly regarded as a wonderful beach destination, it can be unbearably hot in summer. Daytime temperatures in July and August can exceed 50°C, which is dangerously hot.

The one thing that you might think could help cool things down - the sea - is, in fact, the main culprit: evaporation from the sea increases humidity levels which, at the height of summer, results in sauna-like conditions.

For platinum beaches shrouded in a little luxury, the tropical vibes of the Maldives make it a strong contender. Expect warm-to-hot days, eight hours of sunshine and delightfully warm seawater for swimming, snorkelling or watersports.

Find a bit of luxury in the Maldives in October © Mac Qin - Flickr Creative Commons
Find a bit of luxury in the Maldives in October © Mac Qin - Flickr Creative Commons

Indian Ocean compadre the Seychelles also makes our list as October sees the archipelago between its two monsoon seasons, which means things are nice and calm although - conversely - it isn't the sunniest time to go. It is, however, definitely one of the best months to visit with light winds and up to seven hours of sunshine per day.

The Cape Verde islands off the west coast of Africa make a wonderful late summer vacay destination for those in the market to really 'holiday'. By that, we mean enjoy lying in the sunshine with your feet up and plenty of amenities on hand.

There's lots of lovely sunshine and temperatures are high, although seas can be a little rougher owing to its position in the eastern edge of the Atlantic.

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Whether you're seeking golden shores lapped by warm water or looking to dive into the sights, sounds and scents of one of the world's most enchanting cities, hopefully our summer holiday finder and pick of the top 10 destinations based on the weather by month have given you some food for thought.

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