Cheap holidays: where to go when

Find everything you need to research and book cheap holidays in 2024/2025 with handpicked recommendations, holiday destination ideas and money-saving tips.

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The cost of living crisis

Although there is a cost of living crisis in the UK many holidaymakers are still prioritising their summer holiday in 2024/2025. Even luxury holidays are seeing high demand as people look to escape the UK and make up for the lost time caused by the pandemic.

Here you can find out more about the cheapest getaways for a beach holiday, city break, package holiday and many others, regardless of board basis and product type - all at the best prices available online.

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Holidays in the sun by season

Sometimes it's not about where you go but when you can go. Whether you're planning a holiday in spring, summer, autumn or winter we know where you'll find fabulous affordable sunshine whatever the time of year.

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Family holidays

School holidays are always an expensive time to travel, so planning really matters. To get you started, we've researched some great destination ideas for school summer holidays and half term breaks in February, May, July, August and October, plus how to find free child places.

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Holidays by type

Browse thousands of holidays for 2024/2025 from leading providers and online travel agents to popular holiday spots worldwide. Choose from short or long-haul, all-inclusive, self-catering, half-board and so much more.

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Where to go for hot & sunny holidays

If your idea of a perfect holiday is sizzling by a swimming pool, you'll find a whole range of holidays to choose from, regardless of when you choose to go away.

Cheap holidays: where to go when on holiday in 2024/2025
Cheap holidays: where to go when on holiday in 2024/2025 © Fazeful -

We've shared our pick of the best destinations each month based on where you can expect to find hot and sunny weather. Choose your desired month below and see where in the world is ideal for your next holiday.

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FAQs about cheap holidays

We've answered some frequently asked questions about how to find and book cheap holidays for 2024/2025 online, including protecting your rights with trade organisations.

When should I book my summer 2024 holiday?

It's advisable to start researching and monitoring prices for your summer 2024 holiday in the coming months. This will give you an idea of pricing trends, availability and any early booking offers that may arise.

As a general guideline, booking your holiday around six to 12 months in advance is a reasonable timeframe to aim for, but adjust this based on your specific preferences.

For example, the destination you choose, the type of accommodation you want, how flexible you can be with your departure date, and other personal preferences (such as, are you looking for half board or an all-inclusive package).

What's more, owing to post-pandemic pent up demand, many holiday companies and airlines, including TUI, Jet2holidays and easyJet holidays, have released flights and holidays earlier than ever, with some already taking bookings for winter 2024/2025.

If you know where you want to go in advance, it's worth seeing you can bag a bargain well ahead of schedule.

Why are holiday prices so high for 2024?

Holiday prices are high due to several factors. Inflation has led to an overall increase in the cost of living, including holiday expenses. The pent-up demand for travel after the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with limited supply have also driven up prices.

Rising fuel and transportation costs, especially for air travel, have contributed to higher ticket prices, while exchange rate fluctuations can also affect the cost of holidays.

Additionally, some operational expenses related to implementing health and safety measures post-pandemic have been passed on to consumers. It's important to remember that these factors can vary by destination and time of year, and the travel industry is subject to fluctuations and uncertainties.

Is TUI taking bookings for 2025?

TUI, the UK's leading travel brand, is now taking bookings for 2025. There are some great early offers including low deposit holidays and free child places too.

Right now, TUI probably has the largest selection of 2025 holidays to choose from. This includes all of the UK's favourite holiday destinations such as Lanzarote, the Balearic Islands, Crete, Corfu, Majorca, Florida and even the Caribbean.

Head over to our TUI deals and discounts section to find out more.

Why does the price of a summer holiday in the UK change from day-to-day?

The price of a summer holiday in the UK can vary from day to day due to dynamic pricing strategies employed by travel providers, such as airlines and hotels. Factors like demand, supply, and market conditions influence these price adjustments.

Peak travel periods, such as school holidays, often result in higher prices, while last-minute deals and sales can offer discounted rates.

External factors like fuel prices, exchange rates and regulatory changes can also impact holiday prices. To find the best deals, it is advisable to regularly check prices, compare options and remain flexible with your travel plans.

What is the cheapest destination for a holiday in 2024?

This really depends on the type of holiday you are looking for. There are some cheap beach breaks still out there, particularly in resorts such as Benidorm on the ever-popular Costa Blanca.

While the Costa del Sol has become more expensive of late, places like Bulgaria are offering great value. To find out more, why not check out our list of the cheapest holiday destinations in 2024.

What does ATOL Protected mean?

Air Travel Organiser's Licence (ATOL) protection is a scheme provided by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the UK. It offers financial protection to consumers who book package holidays or flights through ATOL-licensed travel companies.

When you book with an ATOL-licensed company, you are safeguarded in the event that the company goes bankrupt or fails to deliver the services you paid for. This protection ensures you receive a refund or assistance with repatriation if you are already abroad.

ATOL covers package holidays with flights and standalone flights sold by ATOL-licensed companies. To ensure your booking is protected, look for the ATOL logo and license number displayed by the travel company.

What is ABTA?

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) is a UK-based trade association that represents travel agents and tour operators.

Its main purpose is to promote high standards and provide protection and support to its members and consumers. ABTA members adhere to industry regulations, follow a code of conduct and offer financial protection for their customers' payments. This protection includes refunds for financial failure and assistance in case of travel disruption or insolvency.

ABTA also provides a dispute resolution service to help consumers resolve any issues they may have with member companies.

Booking with an ABTA member offers consumers assurance that the company meets industry standards and prioritises consumer protection.

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UK & Ireland holidays

If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that you don't have to travel to Europe's best holiday hotspots for an escape to remember.

The UK and Ireland have everything from beautiful beaches and soaring mountains to theme parks and water sports not to mention oodles of historic sights and cultural attractions.

So, if you're thinking of swapping Tenerife for Teignmouth this summer, take a look at some of the best deals on offer from across the UK.

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