Weather in October 2018

Finding good weather in October is easier than you might think, as many places across Europe and the Med still enjoy residual heat with plenty of sunshine, while other holiday hot spots in the USA and Middle East offer something a little different for those keen to travel that bit further.

Popular holiday destinations in October

Best holiday weather in October

The weather in October at destinations both near and far from home makes it a great month to go away. What with many post-summer deals and the half term holiday, families, friends and couples often leave their big break till this time of year. Read on to discover our pick of places with the best weather in October:

Weather in October in the Med © BMcIvr - Flickr Creative Commons

Short haul: the Red Sea, Cape Verde, Cyprus and more

The weather in October at short haul destinations varies, but generally speaking, as these tend to be around Europe and the Med, it's lost the fiery heat of summer. You're still likely to find warm and sunny holiday spots, however, it may be a case of remembering to pack that extra layer for the evenings, or finding a hotel with a heated pool instead of relying on the sea for a dip.

Beach and reef at Ras Nasrani, Sharm el Sheikh © Ian Woolcock -

Unsurprisingly, Egypt remains high on the list of destinations with the best weather in October. Some might even say it's one of the best times to visit, with resorts across Sharm el Sheikh seeing moderate heat and humidity, temperatures up to 30°C during the day, while dropping to around 20°C at night, and balmy sea temperatures at 27°C. There's even 10 hours of sunshine, with pretty clear skies, although UV is still very high, so caution required there.

Berber horsemen, Djerba © alkainel - Flickr Creative Commons

Turning west, Egypt's northern African companion Tunisia offers some delightful weather in October, with Djerba enjoying eight hours of sunshine, low heat and humidity, and comfortable sea temperatures at around 25°C. Although a bit fresher than Sharm el Sheikh, you'll still bask in 27°C by day, although you will need something to keep you warm come evening as it drops to about 18°C.

Moving further west still, Cape Verde ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to finding ideal holiday weather in October, as it's very reliable. Temperatures reach 29°C by day, and no less than 24°C at night, while the sea stays pleasant at around 26°C. You'll get between seven and eight hours of sunshine, with moderate to high heat and humidity, which collectively means this is a great destination for those after beach holiday weather in October relatively close to home.

Sal Island, Cape Verde - photo courtesy of Cape Verde Tourism

We can't discuss holiday weather in October without mentioning one of our favourite destinations - Cyprus. The reason we're so attached to this charming island is largely down to its exceptionally good climate. Based in the eastern Med, Cyprus benefits from good conditions longer than many other places in the region, warming up earlier in the year and cooling down later on.

The weather in October is still warm and sunny here, although you may be interrupted by the odd cloud. Temperatures reach 27°C in Ayia Napa, but it does cool down substantially after dusk. There's low heat and humidity, which helps keep things fresher than in summer, eight hours of sunshine and comfortable sea temperatures that reach up to 25°C.

You'll find similar weather in October along the Turkish Riviera, although you're safer nearer Antalya which, although only a degree warmer and has the same eight hours of sunshine, has better sea swimming potential as the water is 24°C, compared to Bodrum, where it's positively cold at 21°C.

Other destinations with notably good weather in October include, Kos and Rhodes in eastern Greece, which offer some fine weather in October, much like that of Turkey, while the Canary Islands, such as Gran Canaria, see temperatures up to 27°C, with seven hours of sunshine, low heat and humidity, and seas at 23°C. Finally, if it's a city break you're after, you can't beat the weather in October in Marrakech, with its low heat and humidity, pleasant 28°C by day and eight hours of sunshine.

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Long haul - up to 10 hours: Florida, Dubai and Oman

If you're looking further afield for destinations with great holiday weather in October, there are some superb options, especially for families during the half term.

Pelican Grand Beach Resort, Fort Lauderdale © Rachelle Lucas for VISIT FLORIDA

Miami, in the sunshine state of Florida, is very warm and sunny, with daytime temperatures reaching 29°C, dipping only to around 22°C at night, and toasty sea temperatures at 28°C. There's around eight hours of sunshine a day, although heat and humidity is high, and UV very high, proving that the weather in October still has some bite. There's also a chance of some rain, as the weather in October can still be affected by tropical storms, although the risk is low.

Heading inland to the theme parks of Orlando, conditions are similar but just that little bit cooler, with seven hours of sunshine, and temperatures up to 28°C. There's moderate heat and humidity, and still high UV, so it's definitely hot but not quite as sticky as the coast. Here too is the same risk of some rain, and the chance of being affected by a tropical storm - again, nothing to worry about too much, but best to keep an eye on the forecast at the time.

Jumeriah Beach Resort, Dubai © Sarah Ackerman - Flickr Creative Commons

Turning east to Dubai, the weather in October remains very hot and sunny, with 10 hours of almost unbroken sunshine, and high temperatures reaching 35°C. Come dusk, the temperature never really drops any lower than 22°C, and thanks to the very high heat and humidity, you know things are going to stay warm throughout the night. The sea is also incredibly inviting at 31°C, making it ideal for kids and adults keen for a swim.

Meanwhile in neighbouring Oman, which is becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers after something more traditional than the glitz of the Emirates, the weather in October here is similar. You'll bask in 10 hours of sunshine, with temperatures up to 34°C, and very high heat and humidity.

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Long haul - 10 hours or more: Las Vegas, Bali, Zanzibar and more

For those after even more distant shores, there is a varied selection of places with lovely weather in October to choose from.

Las Vegas in October © Prayitno - Flickr Creative Commons

Starting in the west of the USA, the beguiling atmosphere of Sin City is just waiting to be explored, and October is one of the best times to go. Located in the Nevada Desert, the weather in October in Las Vegas is warm with plenty of sunshine, around 10 hours, low heat and humidity, and daytime temperatures that reach 27°C. In true desert climate style, this plummets to about 12°C after dusk. Cooler than summer, warmer than winter, Las Vegas in October is a real treat.

For something a little more extoic, the shores of Zanzibar offer truly idyllic weather in October, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the low thirties. The sea is a balmy 26°C, while there's high heat and humidity, but watch out for the extreme UV. Generally speaking, Zanzibar is a delight in October, and its weather makes it the perfect beach holiday destination.

Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar © Loves street-photo - Flickr Creative Commons

Once again, Bali deserves a mention here as its weather in October is very pleasant with 10 hours of sunshine and temperatures up to 32°C by day, cooling to only 23°C by night. Expect very high heat and humidity, extreme UV and welcoming 28°C seas - excellent for swimming, diving or just indulging in a paddle.

Other destinations with good weather in October include the Seychelles, which is especially calm at this time of year, as it's in between monsoons. It's not the sunniest time to visit but it is very warm with both air and sea temperatures sitting at around 28°C, and only moderate heat and humidity.

Then there's Mauritius, around 1,100 miles south of the Seychelles, which enjoys similar weather in October although perhaps a degree or two cooler, especially in the sea. It's worth noting that both destinations suffer from extreme UV at this time, so remember to pack the strong SPF.

There are so many places with great weather in October 2018, whether you're after a beach holiday or city break. To help you decide, check out our detailed where to go on holiday in October. Don't miss our collection of travel deals and discounts to help you get there for less.

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