If you're navigating the ever-changing requirements regarding Covid-19 tests for travellers, look no further than Chronomics. This dynamic, government-approved testing company has a swathe of tests for all travellers' needs and we have some of the best deals to help you save.

Chronomics deals & discount codes on Covid-19 tests for 2024/2025
Chronomics deals & discount codes on Covid-19 tests for 2024/2025

Top Chronomics deals & discount codes

From Fit to Fly test to day 2 PCR tests, antigen lateral flow tests and great value bundles for vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers, Chronomics has a multitude of options when it comes to finding the right Covid-19 tests for your travels.

Sorry, we don't have any deals for Chronomics at this time, however we still have plenty of ways you can save on your next trip.

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About Chronomics

Chronomics* was established in 2017 by a group of five entrepreneurial friends. They brought a mix of scientific and technological experience to the table to create a company that, like many others which since now pivoted to Covid-19 testing, initially focused on informing people about their general well being.

Chronomics Covid-19 PCR & antigen tests for travel
Chronomics Covid-19 PCR & antigen tests for travel © Chronomics Ltd

Originally, Chronomics offered testing for chronic illnesses* to give results that led to actionable options, enabling people to manage, and feel in control of, their health.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, Chronomics has used its expertise and facilities to offer wide-spread, government-approved testing for travellers* and testing for antibodies*.

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Covid-19 tests

Chronomics has a wide range of Covid-19 tests for travel, whatever your vaccination status. Below you'll find a clear breakdown of the types of tests available for less, just remember to book in advance online not only to save but to allow time for delivery:

Pre-departure for UK-bound travellers Price
Test to Return* - Lateral flow tests £18.99
Fully vaccinated travellers to the UK Price
Day 2 PCR test* £54.99
Vaccinated bundle* - Day 2 test + Test to Return 'pre-departure' test £64.99
Unvaccinated travellers to the UK Price
Day 2 & 8 bundle* £99
Unvaccinated bundle* - Day 2 & 8 tests + Test to Return 'pre-departure' test £115
Day 5 Test to Release* £99
Pre-departure 'Fit to Fly' leaving the UK Price
Lateral flow test* £18.99
Lateral flow test (observed in-clinic)* £39
PCR test* £64.99
PCR test (observed in-clinic)* £99

Prices of Covid-19 tests shown above updated on 1 December 2021 excluding discounts from Chronomics promo codes and online deals from partner airlines and holiday providers.

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Save with the latest online deals and discount codes from popular airlines and travel partners including TUI, British Airways, Jet2 and Newmarket Holidays.

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Can't find what you're looking for? Browse even more top offers on Covid-19 tests and learn more with our complete guide to Covid-19 testing for international travel in 2024/2025.

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Colin Carter

Colin Carter

Updated on Monday 17th June 2024

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