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While mulling over the different types of Florida holidays on offer, one of the key questions you need to consider is whether your trip to the Sunshine State will be based in a hotel, or whether you will enjoy staying in your own private rented villa for the duration of your trip. Let us look into the pros and cons of each by examining the quality of Ocean Florida villa holidays, along with the hotel holidays in Florida that the company is also offering this summer.

Ocean Florida is a name synonymous with quality Florida vacations for British holidaymakers at the cheapest possible prices. The company is proud to call themselves the UK's number one independent Florida holiday specialist and they offer a range of holiday alternatives to their customers, from holidays based in some of the most exclusive hotels in Florida to luxury villa holidays, as well as fly drive holidays.

Before we can decide what the best type of holiday is, let us look at the positives and negatives of each type, beginning with hotel-based holidays in the Sunshine State.

Hotel Holiday

Positives of a hotel holiday can include:

  • No need for private transport if you intend to stay at a resort based hotel
  • Room service
  • Resort hotels are handily located for the theme parks, while many other hotels offer free transport to all the major theme parks and attractions in the area
  • Plenty of leisure activities on site
  • Some of the negative aspects of a hotel holiday may include:

  • A lack of transport means the holiday is often based around one place and its amenities, when there is so much more to Florida
  • A lack of privacy both in the rooms and when dining or using the hotel facilities
  • Some of the cheaper hotels are located a bus ride away from many of the major attractions and unless you pay for a hire car, you will be reliant on hotel or local bus services or taxis to reach the parks
  • Villa Holiday

    Some of the positive aspects of a villa holiday are:

  • There is much more space for the family to unwind. Your Florida villa really feels like a home from home and all are generously proportioned and excellently equipped. Many also offer a lakeside view.
  • Almost all Florida villas now come with their private own pool and increasing numbers come with their own private games room, games console, hot tub/Jacuzzi and many other additional features.
  • Hiring a villa means you will almost certainly hire a car for your holiday and this is a great way to see more of the beautiful state of Florida.
  • Privacy. You and your party can dine, swim, relax and enjoy the Florida sun and all your villa's little luxuries in peace and privacy.
  • Staying at a villa does have some negative aspects for some people however, and these include:
  • Driving: For the less confident, driving in a foreign country can be stressful. Although it must be said that the American road system is very well organised and logical once you are used to driving on the right hand side!
  • Catering: In your own villa you will need to provide your own catering and do your own shopping. Some people, perhaps those used to staying in hotels that provide most items on their holidays, perceive this is a negative, while others embrace the freedom this affords them when dining.
  • Allocation on arrival: Some companies allocate villas only on arrival to customers. Many people are uneasy about this and much prefer to book a specific villa in advance so they can be sure it meets the expectations and standards they would expect.
  • So, is this a question of choosing the day-to-day life offered by a villa holiday, over the luxury of a hotel? This is certainly not the case. For all the luxuries offered by Florida hotels, and there are many outstanding points, there is equal luxury in having your own private pool, Jacuzzi/hot tub and games room away from the crowds of other holidaymakers.

    Whether you choose a villa or hotel for your Ocean Florida holiday, you can be sure of one thing. The team of experts will have rigorously researched all the best holidays available in and around the Sunshine State to ensure that you and your party have the most enjoyable time possible, in a form of accommodation that suits your wants and needs perfectly.

    In the end, whether you stay in a hotel or a villa, so long as you book with Ocean Florida, you are onto a winner!

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