Daylight Hours


Hours of Daylight shows the number of daylight hours to the nearest hour for the middle day of each month.

0 to 3 hours 0 to 3 hours of daylight 8 to 11 hours 8 to 11 hours of daylight 16 to 19 hours 16 to 19 hours of daylight
4 to 7 hours 4 to 7 hours of daylight 12 to 15 hours 12 to 15 hours of daylight 20 to 24 hours 20 to 24 hours of daylight

More about the holiday weather parameters

Map of World Regions

Select a Region from the World Map to browse holiday weather guides. Alternatively, select from the list of World Regions below the map. Can't find the holiday destination you are after? Try the Destination Search.

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Weather by month

Prepare yourself for the kind of weather you are likely to find at your holiday destination in any month of the year by selecting from the list below. Then type in the name of a holiday resort, town or city or select a region from the drop down list and search.


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