Where to go on holiday in April 2015 for the best hot and sunny weather

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If you're trying to decide where to go on holiday in April 2015 for the best weather, you're in luck, as this is the month things start to heat up closer to home but before the madness of summer, making it that little bit more affordable to go away.

Where to go on holiday in April: Top five destinations

The prospect of longer daylight hours and rising temperatures, particularly in the Mediterranean, heralds the start of the European holiday season, although warm and pleasant, it's still not super-hot in April, so those looking for a real beach holiday will probably still have to fly that bit further.

Read on to discover our top five destinations to help you decide where to go on holiday in April 2015 for the best weather...

Where to go on holiday in April 2015 - JBR Beach, Dubai © marrfa - Fotolia.com

1. Morocco

  • Flight time: 4 hours
  • Daily high: 26°C
  • Daily hours of sunshine: 9
  • Sea temperature: 17°C

The closest warm and sunny destination to the UK in April is Morocco. Marrakech is a popular city break choice thanks to its proximity to the UK, vibrant character and endless list of things to do. It's also a fabulous option when thinking about where to go on holiday in April because there's plenty of sunshine and it's not too hot - unlike the following summer months of July and August.

Marrakech with Atlas Mountains beyond © françoise bro - Fotolia.com

As well as exploring the sights of the city, Marrakech provides a great base from which you can explore the Atlas Mountains, which are definitely worth a visit in April, as you can wander through pristine valleys dotted with wild flowers. If you're feeling really adventurous, you could also consider a thrilling ride into the desert.

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2. Cyprus

  • Flight time: 5 hours
  • Daily high: 22°C
  • Daily hours of sunshine: 9
  • Sea temperature: 18°C

From the beginning of April, many destinations in the Mediterranean are warm with plenty of sunshine, especially in the east. A reliable option when considering where to go on holiday in April 2015 is Cyprus. It's comfortably warm at this time of year being slightly warmer and sunnier than the average summer's day in the south of England. It's also only the start of the holiday season so remains uncrowded.

Chrysochou Bay, western Cyprus © Davekinder - Dreamstime.com

It's probably a bit early to be swimming in the sea, however, which is only about 18°C, although there are plenty of hotels with pools, not to mention loads of other things to see and in Cyprus. Be cautious of UV rays at this time, which are high so make sure you slap on the sun cream.

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3. Dubai, UAE

  • Flight time: 7 - 8 hours
  • Daily high: 32°C
  • Daily hours of sunshine: 10
  • Sea temperature: 25°C

If you're yearning to feel sand between your toes and enjoy a full-on beach break, then Dubai is arguably the closest destination to the UK with sufficiently warm temperatures - by warm, we mean hot - gloriously hot without the burn of the later summer months.

Where to go on holiday in April, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel - photo courtesy of DTCM Dubai

Beach holidays aren't for everyone though, and if you're deciding where to go on holiday in April for the best weather, but fancy exploring more the area, then Dubai offers a wealth (literally) of shops and restaurants, not to mention a select few museums, aquariums and plenty to do for all the family.

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4. Florida, USA

  • Flight time: 9 - 10 hours
  • Daily high: 28°C
  • Daily hours of sunshine: 10
  • Sea temperature: 25°C

A firm favourite with families and theme-park enthusiasts, is Florida which is great at this time of year. If you're thinking about where to go on holiday in April 2015 for the best weather, it should definitely be on your radar, as much of southern and central Florida has long sunny days with little chance of rain. In Miami, for example, the temperature is unlikely to fall below 20°C, although Orlando, which is warm and sunny during the day, is a touch cooler at night as it's inland.

South Beach Miami, Florida © sborisov - Fotolia.com

If you're thinking of heading state-side to visit ride the roller coasters of Busch Gardens or scour the sets of Universal, don't forget to check out FloridaTix, which has some fantastic offers on entry to the biggest and best theme parks.

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5. Cancun, Mexico

  • Flight time: 10 hours
  • Daily high: 32°C
  • Daily hours of sunshine: 8
  • Sea temperature: 27°C

Known for its long white beaches, pristine waters and lively nightlife, Cancun, which perches on Mexico's Caribbean coast, is a popular choice with holidaymakers after a touch of the exotic without breaking the bank, and April's a great time visit.

Isla Mujeres, the island just off Cancun © Tose - Dreamstime.com

Just about everywhere in the Caribbean has very good weather in the spring, and if you're deciding where to go on holiday in April 2015 for the best weather, then it's definitely one for the list. April's the last month of the dry season not to mention one of the sunniest of the year with the rains generally holding off until May. Cancun enjoys hot and sunny days, making it the ideal beach holiday destination.

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As you can see, April provides plenty of options as it just precedes summer, offering plenty of holiday spots closer to home. If you're still wondering where to go on holiday in April 2015, have a look at our Weather in April page for a more detailed breakdown of conditions and destinations. For all the latest travel deals visit our dedicated deals and discounts section.

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